BenQ DW1640 drive tray

I own a BenQ DW1640 DVD drive and like many other people, the drive tray will no longer eject and retract properly.

Following advice from a blog, I took apart my drive and indeed the tray mechanism is driven by a rubber belt. Although it seems to run properly by manually spinning it, it still doesn’t work after I’ve oiled some gears.

I have no rubber band of such a small size lying around, so I either have to go out and buy another rubber belt to fix the drive for the next few months (maybe years), or I can go out to get a new drive that doesn’t use rubber belts.

Update 8-Aug-2010: I’ve successfully replaced the drive belt and the drive is working as it should (quite surprisingly).


2 comments on “BenQ DW1640 drive tray

  1. Frank says:

    you can also try belt dressing as indicated by one of the ppl that commented on my blog. =p
    just didn’t wanna throw away my BenQ. it has treated me quite well. it’s an awesome drive.

  2. […] drive tray (part 2) Posted in Uncategorized by darell tan on August 8, 2010 Previously I wrote about trying to fix my BenQ DW1640 drive tray, but without replacing the belt. Of course it didn’t […]

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