Mac Battery Firmware Hacking

Charlie Miller reverse engineers the Mac battery firmware updater, sniffs battery communications on the SMBus, writes an IDA processor plugin (in IDAPython) for the CoolRISC 816 processor in the bq20z80, and mucks around with the its firmware.

All the source code and presentation materials are provided.

[via Dangerous Prototypes]


Coloured iteadstudio PCBs

Good news everyone! iteadstudio is offering coloured PCBs at a lower cost.

After I had my very first set of PCBs manufactured, I was thinking of making my next set of PCBs in a different colour. However I found the price difference to be quite big and might just stick with plain old boring green instead.

Now that they’ve announced their new offering, I’d definitely go for a different colour for my next batch. They’ll be offering 8 boards instead of 10 (which is not a problem at all for me), and fixed thickness of 1.6mm and HASL finish – all for an extra US$5 more than their base PCB service. Their available colours are blue, white, yellow, red and black.

[via Dangerous Prototypes]