Xiaomi AIoT Wireless Router AX3600 Review

I recently bought the Xiaomi AIoT AX3600 wireless router to experience WiFi 6 (or 802.11ax). This WiFi 6 router has been touted as having very good hardware specs for under US$100. After checking out a few reviews, it looked like you could achieve close to Gigabit speeds over a wireless link, which was pretty exciting. It reminded me of the time I upgraded my home network to Gigabit and could finally copy large files over the network quickly. I decided to get my hands on one and evaluate it with some speed tests around the house.

the Xiaomi AX3600 wireless router

I don’t have any compatible WiFi 6 devices yet, so I ordered an Intel AX200NGW wireless card to replace the one in my laptop. These cards typically go for US$15 on AliExpress or eBay.

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