Adobe Flash Player is Crap

It seems that Adobe has been releasing Flash Player updates very often, and it’s getting a little irritating since I told it to “notify me to install updates”. I’m generally very against software that automatically updates itself (like Google Chrome).

So recently an update popped up a couple of days ago, and I went ahead to install it. What’s really irritating is that it doesn’t keep my preference of “update method”. Here’s what I’m talking about:

I remember selecting the “Notify me to install updates” option the last time, and every time it installs a new update, the radio button goes back to “Allow Adobe to install updates”. Is there a technical reason why it could not have read my settings and defaulted to my previous choice? Absolutely not – it’s like those registration forms that automatically select the “send me your spam often” checkbox by default, except you’ll keep seeing this screen every time Adobe releases an update.

This time Flash Player was upgraded to the 11.3 series, and all of a sudden YouTube videos sound like I’m watching them in a cinema. Why? Because the new Flash Player decided to play the YouTube stereo audio stream in 5.1 instead. Wow, what a load of crap! Someone has also voiced this out in the Flash Player forum and his solution was to install the older 11.2 version.

If you found this irritating, you can go to the Archived Flash Player versions page and download a ~160MB zip file containing Flash Player installers for all 3 different platforms. I chose version as suggested in the forum, and it fixed the problem.

As you can probably tell, I’m quite pissed by this to write such a lengthy rant. Horrible software like this just irritates the hell out of me.


11 comments on “Adobe Flash Player is Crap

  1. Barcoboy says:

    I totally agree with this… I’m so sick of constantly choosing “Notify me to install updates” after every update. I mean, even WIndows Update isn’t that stupid-only on rare occasions does it change its settings.

  2. dude says:

    flash player is the biggest piece of bullcrap software out there. Its the only crap software which gets like 5 updates a week and still hangs up, crashes, lags and fucks up constantly. Dunno what fuckheads program this shit and how they manged it to force masses to use it but i fear the world wont get rid of it….

  3. ANN says:

    can’t believe how horribly laggy and bugged flash has been in the latest versions, i can’t even watch imdb trailers anymore or youtube videos without breaking the keyboard into pieces, FUCKING HSIT BITCH SLAP FLASH FUCK ASS CUNT!! There!

  4. dieflashdie says:

    honestly in 2013 it is still that same degenerate shit that its always been, buggy across the board.. leaking and abusing end users memory and processor cores .. utterly abhorrent rancid rat shit no surprise there .. thank god html 5 will hopefully exterminate there vermin plugin off the face of the web eventually

  5. R M Paterson says:

    Sick of this Adobe bullshit flash player on just about every page i open …. hell its even on the BBC broadcast,,,,,,,, congress if you are listing …. get rid of these assholes {{ !!!!!!!!!!

  6. phil cyganik says:

    It seems that almost every week there is an update on this rubbish software.
    It is a right pain in the arse having to go through the rigmarole every time you get the message come up to install flash player. Why can’t they get it sorted instead of fiddling about with it all the time? And why do web sites insist on using something which is about as much use as chocolate fireguard?

  7. Anon Emouse says:

    It’s the arrogant software industry chasing after outward appearance and marketing-driven “features.” Unlike 10 or 12 years ago now it’s all about version “numbers” and cute “inventions” and weekly “updates” instead of solid engineering and reliability. It will continue that way until enough people speak up about it. These entertainment-class software companies could never code anything mission critical otherwise planes would be crashing and missiles would be launched randomly. It’s management and executive arrogance at the top. Fanciness first reliability fifth.

    • philip charles cyganik says:

      What use to be called programming but has now been dumbed down as coding. Kids in school don’t get taught how to program they get taught how to use Microsoft Word Powerpoint & Exel. This has filtered through over the last 10 years or more so that vast numbers of people who try to pass themselves off as programmers are effectively nothing of the sort. Meanwhile sloppy shoddy standards in software writing has resulted in a never ending stream of updates because the original work did not pass the Grosch test. (We will only let you have it when its ready)
      The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the initial sweetness of cheap price.

  8. DR says:

    I have to agree – I find it extremely arrogant that I have to click the Notify me to install updates every time and that it does not honor my settings from the previous install. Why? Because it’s Adobe and Adobe does whatever they jolly well please. Flash is just plain garbage and that’s why it must be updated every two minutes, but unfortunately it seems to be a necessary evil. Why should Adobe have the privilege of installing software on your system automatically whenever they want?

    The truth is, Adobe is a monopolistic bully (ie. Freehand, CoolEdit, etc.), that cannot truly innovate. That’s why I avoid their products as much as possible.

  9. Lone Gunman says:

    You think it was bad 6 months ago, just look at it now! It’s gotten so bad that Firefox now has a flash blocker built in to keep the crap from auto running and loading your computer up with virus crap!

    Me, I’ve UNINSTALLED the shit and don’t plan to put it back until something reliable comes along that doesn’t get hacked every day!

  10. colleen says:

    Help can not get rid of adobe flash player do I have to get rid of my computer to avoid this crap get rid of this shit

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