Solving the Facebook “No Internet Connection” Problem

Update 15-Aug-2011: This fix only applied to the new version of the iPhone Facebook app back in April 2011. Any problems after April 2011 is probably not the same as the one described here.

I recently upgraded to the latest version of the Facebook iPhone app, but I’m not sure if that caused the problem.

When you attempt to open your News Feed, it shows “Loading” for a while before showing “No Internet Connection“. But obviously this is not the case, because if you try other pages such as Friends or Places or Profile, they work perfectly fine.

It appears as if the app has lost the authentication cookie or something, so the fix is trivial.

  1. Tap on the menu at the top left (the icon with 9 squares) and tap the “Account” button (also at the top left) on the main menu screen
  2. Choose either “Help Center” or “Account Settings” from the popup menu
  3. You should see a login bar or login form – just fill up your details and login

That’s it! Logging in from within the app fixes the problem. Don’t try to select “Logout” from the popup menu – I tried it and it freezes the app.

It has been reported that this option may not work for everybody, but it did work for me.

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20 comments on “Solving the Facebook “No Internet Connection” Problem

  1. Kyle says:

    Can it work on sony ericssons w995

  2. tom says:

    doesn’t work on iphone 4

    i switched to beejive fb app and that works although the functionality is not the same.

  3. linsinjkidi says:

    Erorr my connection whenever i open my wall

  4. I have change my phone with the model same samsung gt.i try to open back my facebook but no enternit connections

  5. Facebook connection problem

  6. Taran says:

    when i type facebook they said that the facebook is being blocked

  7. SMAr2wo says:

    Nokia N900 SOLUTION!!!!

    !!!! SOLUTION !!!

    We need to update to latest version. Add extras-devel, extras-testing repository if you cannot find the library in the stable channel.
    Enable the internet. Open terminal (Ctrl + Shift + X) and give the following commands:
    1. root #change to root user (ENTER)
    2 apt-get install libcurl3 (ENTER)
    3.wait to be finished and restart the mobile.

    Now re-validate your facebook account from the sharing accounts.

    (all thanks goes to Kandaj)

  8. Abdullahi says:


  9. Rosalie Powell says:

    Why is my phone telling me no internet connection

  10. rocky road says:

    in cherry mobile bruh?? please. even in keypad phone. -_-

  11. rocky road says:

    k bruh! k πŸ™‚

  12. James says:

    Hi my name is James Thompson I do not have connection on my Facebook I need it fix

  13. evannak says:

    This tip is still working for now?

  14. Angel says:

    Hi um im having the same problem I logged out the app froze now I don’t know what to do

  15. Sami says:

    Hi I recenty have problem loging to my face book from my facebook app on my galaxyS5. It says”sorry no internet connection”
    I have full wifi and I tried wifi in different place. I tried my phone data as well. The problem still here. I think this happened after upgrading my phone a few days ago 😦 😦 😦

  16. Nic M says:

    After much frustration I found a solution that worked for me. I finally remembered that I started encountering the problem after I uninstalled face book messenger. After factory restoring my phone and a number of other things it finally occurred to me to try to reinstall Facebook messenger. I installed FB messenger and logged it in and set it up. After that I tried Facebook app again and it was able to connect.

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